Nexus3 is all about community.

Every community needs three key ingredients to stay alive: people inspired by a common theme or ethos, a place to gather, and a means of facilitating those gatherings.

Our people are a diverse bunch, united by a common love of adventure, storytelling and teamwork.

We’ve always had a place to gather, whether at a friend’s house, the pub, local games shop, a convention centre, or more recently online.

Traditionally we have played with friends, neighbours, classmates and the friends of all those. The internet and social media revolution has enabled us to connect with an ever-widening network of potential players.

We want to draw together all those siloed forums, those passionate, feverish hive-minds of adventure, into a virtual town square if you like. The tavern notice board, but fully tweaked to the latest in 21st-century digital wizardry!

Born of a simple idea to make finding your next game easier, Nexus3 is laser-focused on this central premise.