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Nexus3 Affiliate Program

Unleashing the Power of the Network Effect In vibrant RPG

Nexus3 Public Beta Release

We are thrilled to announce the first public open beta release of Nexus3, a revolutionary cloud service designed to connect players and GMs of TTRPGs and foster our thriving community

Session Manager

This month we're releasing a feature with real crunch for

Beta Testing... shortlist

We've received a lot of interest from people such as

Testing Mailgun 2

Just seeing if this goes through to g1architect

Testing Mailgun

Just testing if Mailgun is still down or it's an

Beta Testing... 1, 2, 3...

Thanks again for registering your interest in our ground-breaking new

The Ultimate Guide to 5 Room Dungeons

"5 Room Dungeons have story baked in - you just

Artist Profile: Ginkgostory

This is a test post for the dashboard. We'll edit

Friends and Groups

We can now say with confidence that finding your next game with friends just got a whole lot easier.