Beta Testing... shortlist

Beta Testing... shortlist
Image source: Midjourney - prompt "three adventurers meeting in a busy town square at night. a bright hexagonal magical portal to another world is opening in a nearby doorway. in the style of Pascal Blanché"

We've received a lot of interest from people such as you, wanting to be involved in our beta testing process, and we're incredibly thankful!

The tricky part for our small team is managing a large testing population and all the feedback we anticipate. So, to help us manage the process as best we can, we'd like to make a shortlist of the most suitable testers to invite to the first round.

It's time to roll for initiative and bring all your modifiers to bear!

We've built a short survey questionnaire to help us make the best choice, so please follow the link below to complete the form.

We'll be in touch shortly to notify you if you've been selected and when to expect the test period to begin.
If you're not shortlisted, don't worry - we'll keep you in the loop on subsequent rounds of testing with larger groups as well as our usual semi-regular development updates.

Thanks again for your interest and patience,
- the Nexus3 team