Nexus3 is born of a simple idea: to make finding your next game easier.

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The app is in closed beta at present. We plan to move to open (public) beta in mid-May.

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Will the app help me know if a Player or GM is a good fit for my table?

Yes, we have several features to help you!

  • GMs and Players rate their Play Style on five metrics (Accomplishment, Exploration, Society, Story, Combat) which is plotted on a radar graph
  • GMs and Players will receive a Rating at the conclusion of each game they play or run as part of the conclusion feedback from their tablemates
  • GMs can also indicate their adoption of various safety tools for the Game - see Safety below
  • GMs and Players have a ‘play counter’ that counts every game they’ve played or run to Completion status through Nexus3. Game status is progressed by the GM

A user’s aggregate Rating and Play Style plot can be viewed on their profile.

Safety tools are displayed in a Game listing.

Can I use the app as the only platform for TTRPGs?

Nexus3 core functionality is to help you organise your games and play groups. It isn’t a VTT platform, however in a planned future release Pro-GMs will have access to game support tools such as random/procedural generators and integrations with other services via our API.

How can I find a game table that suits my needs?

The search engine has a powerful filter and search bar that you can use to find the Game that suits you best. You can filter by the days and time slots you have available, time zone, post code, VTT system, game system, specific search terms, etc.

How do I find my friends in the app?

That depends on their privacy settings for visibility and friend requests. (see the Safety section below)

If they've set visibilty to Public, they'll be visible in the user directory, but if they're set to Private, they won't be visible.

If they've set friend requests to Everybody, you can search for them in the user directory and send them a friend request. 

If they're set to People I Know, you must enter their email address in your search, then send a request.

If they accept, the app will recognise your friendship.

Finally, they may have set their friend requests to Nobody, in which you can't request their friendship.

Can I use the app to gather my friends and find a game to play together?

Yes! The planned Group feature will allow you to invite your friends (and others if you choose) to a ‘looking for GM/game’ group.

The group members can specify what systems they want to play, time(s) and venue (whether online or in-person), as well as lots of other settings for groups that might be looking to bolster their numbers from a public listing, such as privacy and inclusivity, experience levels, numbers etc.

Feature coming soon

How does the Game Master choose players for a Game?

Players will be able to apply to join the Game they are interested in at any time by clicking the Apply button in the game card details. The Game Master will see these requests in a queue of interested people.

The GM then approves their admission (after consulting their profile and/or communicating with them).

Game Masters can also send a personal invitation to a player if the player is following the GM, if they have played together previously or if they are friends.

What platforms will the app be available for?

The app will be available for all current version web browsers. The app dynamically scales on mobile device browsers. Native mobile apps are planned to be released at a later date.

Will there be integrated messaging?

Yes, you will be able to write direct messages to GMs and publicly-listed Groups. Direct messages to other users of the platform is only possible between mutually acknowledged friends, Group and Game members.

Game Masters can also send a direct message to a player if the player is following the GM.

Can I promote my games or events outside the platform?

Yes! We provide a static link to your public directory listing which you can share in any other channels you usually use for promoting your games.

In planned future releases, Pro-GM and Organisation subscriptions will have the ability to connect to their preferred channels via our secure API, making it even easier to promote a game or event.


What safety features does the app have?

Inclusive and respectful behaviour is baked into our Terms of Service.

GMs and Group owners have the option to:

- indicate safe spaces for their Games and Groups (LGBTI+ Friendly, etc.) and are actively encouraged to do so

- include safety tools such as Session 0, Script Change, X-Card, Lines and Veils, etc.

- creation of a private Game or Group to be accessed only through an invitation link

- user reporting system for breaches of our Code of Conduct. Reporting is taken seriously and will result in a single warning or expulsion from the platform and associated services

- private profile to avoid direct messages and unsolicited invitations

Is my data safe?

Nexus3 takes the security of your personal information very seriously.

Nexus3 stores your information in a NoSQL database, which is not vulnerable to common SQL Injection attacks. Our database, and the server it resides on, is protected via a private network and not exposed to the internet. Content stored within the database is only visible to our network administrator.

All data exchanged between the N3 app and the database is handled by our API, which requires HTTPS encryption. Access to the API is granted by a short-lived bearer token, issued upon login using your email and password. Passwords are encrypted and salted using a one-way hashing function (BCrypt). Users can optionally login using password-less magic links delivered directly to their registered email address.

How does Nexus 3 protect my privacy?

We have baked privacy into the core of our application. By default, all users and groups are hidden from directory views. Users and group owners must opt-in manually to share their profile and group information with other users.

By design, Nexus 3 hides sensitive information from the web and other users. Access to information stored within our database is available only via API calls. Only registered users can access our API, and as an added measure, sensitive fields such as a user's email and street address are omitted from all API responses.

Additional privacy features include:

  • User can create an alias, which is displayed in the directory instead of their name.
  • Users can decide who can make friend requests or invite them to groups/games.
  • Users can export all personal data we store at any time.
  • Users can delete their accounts at any time, which purges all data held against the user's account (hard delete).


What is the pricing structure?

The public directory will be available to browse for free.

To allow use of the various features the app has four user account types: Basic Player/GM, Pro-GM and Organisation.

Basic Player/GM users pay one credit (see next FAQ) for each Game or Group they move to Open status.

Pro-GMs pay a monthly subscription and can move an unlimited Game offers and Groups to Open status.

Organisations pay a monthly subscription and can move an unlimited number of Game offers and Event listings to Open status.

How do credits work?

All new users are granted one free credit and can earn more through referrals, and by adding new verified TTRPG systems and play-space venues.

Basic Player/GM users purchase credits, either one at a time, or as multi-game listing packs at a discounted rate.

Pro-GMs do not require credits as their subscription allows them to create unlimited Games and Groups.

Organisation subscription accounts will similarly be able to create unlimited Games, Groups and Events.

Any user can gift credits to another user to use within Nexus3

Can I use the app as a pro-GM?

Yes, using the Pro-GM account type, planned for a release in the near future. These have premium features, including additional group types such as user collections to help tracking prospective players for games and events. Pro-GMs also have the option to charge per session with payments managed directly through the app using Stripe. Pro-GMs can alternatively use their own Stripe account via our API if they prefer. Nexus3 will not receive any benefit for any of these operations, although additional charges generated by the payment platforms themselves may apply.

Development Plans

When will the app be released?

The app has already undergone alpha testing. It is estimated that by March 2023 the closed beta will be accessible to those who have registered for early access and testing. After that there will be a period of 2 to 3 months to make improvements and adjustments based on testing feedback. We hope to have the public beta release ready by June 2023.

Will Nexus3 be useful for more than just finding people to play TTRPGs with?

While the initial focus of Nexus3 is TTRPGs, the core functionality of the app is built to be flexible and can be used to organise learn-to-play and learn-to-DM workshops, or customised to gather boardgame or wargame tables, live roleplay events or even fringe art events. As we grow, we will be adding more game systems to support these additional functions ‘out-of-the-box’

Is it possible to organise a multi-table event?

This is planned for a future release, available to Organisation subscribers.

Do you have a public roadmap?

Yes. To help make our development process more transparent, the roadmap will be available to all users from first public beta release. Users can suggest feature ideas through the app’s support messaging system and then be able to comment and vote on all suggested feature ideas directly on the roadmap site.

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