Friends and Groups

Friends and Groups
Photo by Dylan Gillis / Unsplash

Just shipped

We're really excited to announce our latest feature build - Friends and Groups.

One of the biggest user stories we've designed for beyond finding games and GMs is... you guessed it - finding your friends.
After all, it's where many (most?) of us started out playing roleplaying games - with friends, gathered at the kitchen table or in the rumpus room, fueled with snacks and drinks and armed with notepaper, minis and dice.

With the proliferation of social media, portable digital devices and innumerable online tools for meeting at virtual tabletops, it's become ever easier to hang out with folk you never would've had the chance to little more than a decade ago.
amidst the new crowd of avid players jostling to throw simulated dice or slide their avatars around on digital whiteboards and battle maps, the need for human connection remains.

Friends are the backbone of our human relationships - the core of our trusted circle and that trust is all part of the un-stated rules of fun.

Many GMs and players interviewed have given countless anecdotal evidence that the most common games are those played with friends and related people we trust.
To further support our research, we found research in 2016 by Sly Flourish showed that 50% of all respondents played at home or in another private location.

If - like most people - you're interested in safe, fun game experiences, chances are you're not going to invite complete strangers to your home or a private venue. Ergo, at least half of all games are likely played with friends and related people we trust.

So, after a resounding 'yes' for such functionality, we've designed and built a robust system for helping our users connect with the people they trust and form groups to look for games they want, where and when they want.

We can now say with confidence that finding your next game with friends just got a whole lot easier.